Why should you choose VENDOM document management system over anything else?

Over the last decades, document management systems have become an important part in any company or business, because they help business processes run smoothly by storing and indexing all the important documents used within an organization. From online document management solutions, to programs and custom software, this technology is here to stay and it will have even a greater impact in the future, regardless of the industry.

Considering all this, when you choose a document management system for your company, it can be difficult to make the best decision, especially since you have to consider what features you need from your software, how user-friendly it is and lastly, the price range. Compiling all the above factors, VENDOM is the best document management system that you can choose, and here’s why:

  1. VENDOM is project oriented

This software was designed to manage a large volume of documents, organized by type, discipline and work package and it allows status control records and constant revisions, by storing previous document versions. Therefore, it’s perfect for companies who deal with large projects, because it enables the break-down of various project activities.

  1. VENDOM is easy to integrate with operating systems

Other types of software require certain technological settings and enhancements in order to function, but VENDOM is easy to integrate with most Windows applications, including Microsoft Office or CAD files. This document management system supports all file formats, from standard Office documents, to PDF files, CAD models or drawings, images and scans, or email attachments.

  1. VENDOM provides high security levels

How often have you heard about confidential or important documents of a company that were leaked by employees or business collaborators? With VENDOM, all your documents are safe and secure, because the software allows defining access right to each user (reading, creating, modifying or deleting documents). This makes it easier to identify the person responsible for any information leak and it prevents unauthorized removal of important documents from the system.

  1. VENDOM enables collaborative work

Modern companies often work with remote employees or with business collaborators and partners that are located all over the world. Instead of sending back and forth documents, which might accidentally cause their lost, VENDOM stores all documents into a centralized, secure repository, that is accessible from any location, by LAN, Web, VPN or CITRIX. The software also provides complete tracking of document circulations, which allows users to see who read a document, who did alterations to it, or if a document was read or not. This is very handy when it comes to tracking project progress, especially in the case of various teams working together.

  1. VENDOM is suitable for multi-company users

In the case of large companies or corporations, managing documents might be a very difficult task. However, VENDOM offers the possibility to create several users or companies, so that various contributors work all together. The software also allows you to link your project planning, by using work package data.

As you can see, VENDOM offers many important competitive advantages, which make it one of the best document management systems available on the market. VENDOM is especially designed for companies activating in the engineering industry, but it can be used in other industry areas as well.