VENDOM is a Document Management System (DMS) used to track and store electronic documents and/or images of paper documents. Document Revision and Status tracking - complete document life-cycle.

Project Oriented

It manages documents by discipline, type, work package and allow revision and status control records a complete document life-cycle history.



Integration & Format Made Easy

Integration with Windows applications including Microsoft Office applcations, CAD and supports all file formats, such as standard Office documents like Microsoft Word, Excel, etc., PDF files, CAD models and drawings, images, scans of paper document, and emails and attachments.



High Level Access Rights

Controlled access to documents and access rights are defined by project, discipline, document type, file type, project contributors.



Document Storage

VENDOM use a centralized secure repository with easy access and fast retrieval, efficiently store, search, view, and distribute documents and allow access documents from any location around the world – LAN Access, Web, VPN, CITRIX Access.



Multi Companies and Users

It’s possible to create several users, companies and multi projects contributors that can work together.



Workflows & Collaboration

Modern and secure team collaboration across the project

Complete tracking of document circulation



Documents Progress

Automatic progress calculation that is very useful for competitive engineering companies.

Link to your project planning via the work package data.

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