EXTREM is a software used to record expenses, travel organization and time spent by any employee

Expense Repot Key Features

 Automatic general ledger account distribution, easy to interface with your account- ing system

 Automatic building of account numbers, as defined in your configuration

 Charges the expenses and hours to different accounts, departments, projects, activities, etc.

 Eliminates all manual data entry and re-keying associated with expense reports and time sheets in your accounting system

 Automatic reimbursement process, by electronic bank transfer.

 Automatic reconciliation of taken and reported advances, as well as employee notification (either printed or via email)

 Files all transactions (employee and company paid expenses, reimbursements, advances, cash movements, vendor bills)

TimeSheet Control Key Features

 Tracks time by company, department, employee, project and activity, providing the best level of detail to capture all information about the work being performed

 Tracks non-work related time, such as vacation, sick leave, office holiday

 Manage Billing and Buying rates in different currencies, by category, employee, normal time and overtime, project and activity

 Calculates Billing ratio, Overhead ratio, Productivity and Workload by department, company and corporate

 Provides Human Resources useful information, such as Head Count List, Staff Evolution, by type of employee, category, department, company and corporate

 Real Time analysis of time spent on projects and immediate corrections ensures a high level of data accuracy

 Provides summary and detailed reports with unlimited filtering options for viewing and analyzing data

 Validates data when entered, drastically reducing verification time

 Easy to use, easy to understand, easily adopted by users

 Automatic supervision of data entry – real time warning for missing or uncompleted time sheets – be sure that no time sheets are missing

 Electronic approval of time sheets by managers

 Scalable: same product can be used for small companies as well as very large companies

 Integration with the company financial and payroll systems

 Open architecture: Client Server on Local Area Network / Wide Area Network / WEB / Citrix / RDS / CLOUD

 Very short implementation cycle

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